Mario Hernández - Minimales

DZ Music presents "Minimales" produced by Mario Hernández. "Minimales" is a weird word that defines the spanish plural of "Minimal", in that way Mario Hernández presents three tracks, three "Minimales", showing us his better side, his minimal side.

We Are EP

DZ Music proudly present "We Are" , a track produced and remixed by XTND Crew, group of djs and producers from Guatemala. 8 tracks from minimal, house, tech-house, techno and trance, plus a special remix from Synthetik

Ronald Díaz & Mario Hernández - Alto Contraste

DZ Music presents "Alto Contraste" (High Contrast) a production with sounds from minimal to progressive, contrasting rhythms created by Ronald Diaz and Mario Hernandez

Mario Hernández - Mini Chocolate EP

DZ Music presents Mini Chocolate EP produced by Mario Hernandez, minimalist sounds in a mesmerizing and addictive combination “Mini Chocolate” , includes a remix by Ronald Diaz Mirror